Planning for a Perfect Home Renovation Project

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Welcome to the new RWS Building & Remodeling Blog! Whether you are considering an addition, whole house remodel, or a commerical build,  you're in the right place.  We're a family-owned business and want to help you make the most informed renovation and contractor hiring decisions, so you are thrilled with the final product.

Planning for a Perfect Home Renovation Project

By Lisa M, Nov 2 2016 02:03PM

With 25+ years in the home renovation and commercial build business, we know how overwhelming the process can be. Every detail is important, and can make the difference from getting the dream space you envisioned, or not.

From hardware and fixtures to where the light switches should be located, great renovations happen when proper planning is done.

Before you start interviewing prospective remodeling contractors, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What do you want out of your home renovation? Are you creating a more modern, open-concept flow for better entertaining in an existing kitchen or dining room, or are you creating a totally new family play or hang out room in an attic or basement? Stating the use will help you identify the elements needed to achieve the look, function and livability of the final space.

2. What is your budget for constuction? How much do you plan on spending on fixtures, appliances, painting, and wallpapering? What you actually end up doing and how to proceed with your plans will be easier if you know exactly how much you can afford to spend on all the components.

3. How much MORE can you afford on unexpected changes or upgrades (for more exotic materials, additional lighting, custom cabinets versus off the shelf, etc.) No matter how much you plan, odds are you may change your mind about a few things, so it's important to build in contignecy funds for that purpose.

Home renovations involve hundreds of details and logistics, including the overall project timeline, scheduling trademen and inspections,and buying the right materials. The more research and pre-planning you do, the more prepared you'll be to hire the right contractor and have a positive renovation experience!

RWS Building & Remodeling Finished Basement Media Room
RWS Building & Remodeling Finished Basement Media Room

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